Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brainstorm at Work: Personal Dataplan Monitor

One of the most amazing, yet largely untapped avenues in is Brainstorm. That is the place to dream up ideas, propose solutions, and shape the future of Maemo applications. Recently, Community Member zerojay, dreamed up a dataplan monitor widget for Maemo 5. Soon after, a Brainstorm idea was filed, and work began. With fiferboy (of Personal Menu and Personal Launcher fame) doing coding, and joshua.maverick helping with graphic design, it was a truly Canadian solution. The result is an awesome dataplan monitor widget for Maemo 5 - see for yourself:

It is fitting that a dataplan widget for Maemo 5 is brought to our community by a bunch of Canadians - have you looked at the price of our data plans recently! Congrats guys! I am looking forward to using this when I get a Maemo 5 device. When will that be? Hopefully soon.

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Anonymous said...

/me looks forward to his US $15/month unlimited data plan.

Anonymous said...

To be completed it is lacking to sum of the received and sent data since the plans of data are collected by the sum of moved data, download + upload.