Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry N8X0 Drivers to All !

Carsten Munk, our distmaster sent me an IM this morning. It looks like he and his Mer team have received the fabled OMAP2 graphics drivers from Texas Instruments. They have had some success in meshing the drivers into the OS, and things are going forward on that front.

I'm sure it is not a straightforward task, so let's give the Mer team some space while they work this all out. Things will get interesting for the legacy N8X0 devices!

Happy Holidays to all !

(Post created on my N900 using the wonderful MaStory blogging application)

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Friday, December 4, 2009

N900 + - So close, yet So far...

On a hunch, I decided to scan available GSM operators from my N900 this morning in Toronto. Wouldn't you know it, 'CAN 490' was displayed showing a nice little '3G' symbol beside it !

But alas, when attempting to connect, I was denied.

Some Googling of CAN 490 revealed that it is indeed Windmobile (Globalalive Wireless).

Come on Canada - we need choice now! Let Windmobile throw the switch.

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